Friday, December 30, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Wow, I won my first award from Brian at Hopkins Hoppin blog!  Thanks so much Brian!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

iMovie Project

I can't wait until I can post our latest STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math) project!!!  We spent much of last week creating a News Show about Ancient Egypt, including news anchors, live reports from pyramids, mummy tombs, and BTES Laboratories.  Students even interviewed "scientists" who described the mummification process!  Due to some technical difficulties, the imovie is not quite ready to publish.  My goal is to complete the show and then turn it into an epub that can be downloaded into ibooks!!!  I'm so excited!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Give me some time, and see what happens?

Wow!!  Over my thanksgiving vacation, I spent so much time surfing the net for web 2.0 ideas to integrate in my classroom!!  Watch out kids!!  I can't wait to show you what I found!! So, here are just a few ideas: (remember I'm just discovering and just learning)

1. - to create fun activities for kids to practice various skills
2. - to create tests/quizzes for students to take on-line, quick, easy, grades for you
3. - similar to testmoz, use this to make tests to print
4. - create flash cards for students to practice. offers activities and quizzes for your words.
5. - read or create books/stories online.  choose photos, characters, style. you can assign specific topics
6. - create slide shows from your photos
7. - put sticky notes on a 'wall'. They can respond to your question/comment.
8. - QR codes - the codes store information such as links, websites, videos, maps, text. unlock the code to read the information.
9. - upload a youtube video, create quizzes/questions to go with video. kids take quizzes online and results can be sent to you via a teacher code
10. - another site to upload a video and post questions for kids to answer.

I have tried to include some of these tools here on my blog.  Look around and hopefully you will find some examples.  Do you have any other cool tools for a 6th grade teacher/classroom?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mummies Update

Due to the nasty aroma of decaying chicken, I decided to re-season our chickens outdoors.  Thank goodness the rain held off.  The kids were pleasantly surprised that some of their previous predictions either came true or did not.  What excited though was that the students were able to come up with reasonable explanations for their current observations and connections to their predictions.  For example, one prediction was that the mummies would weigh less this week.  After measuring them on the scales, none of the chickens lost weight.  In fact, all but one gained at least 2 ounces!  As expected, their predictions for next week included a weight gain.  We'll see!!  Now, to find a cool, dry place to store them over Thanksgiving break!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mummies Return - week 2

Oh dear, some sensitive tummies didn't appreciate the mummification process that includes the nasty odor of decaying flesh!!  Note to self: next week re-season the chickens outside!!  The kids were troopers though!  All of the groups got their chickens re-seasoned and put back into their "tomb"!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ancient Egypt - Our Chicken Mummies - week 1

I kept the mummies a secret!!  Oh, how the kids desperately wanted to know what they were mummifying!  Fish? Chicken? Birds? Hot dogs?  Inquiring minds wanted to know!  Finally, the day arrived.  I first demonstrated how they were to mummify their specimens.  First, I drained all of the "blood" from Cleo, the chicken.  By the way, water paint comes out of the carpet!!  Just saying!!  Then, I washed and dried the chicken.  Next, I filled the cavity of the chicken with salt.  Then, I rubbed the sweet smelling spices all over Cleo.  She was placed in a zip-lock bag and stored in the container.  Finally, it was time for the students to get their hands into the fun!!  Each small group received a chicken, weighed it, and began the mummification process!  Only one student was a big squeamish.  Otherwise, I saw a variety of smiles, squished up noses, and looks of curiosity!!  Once each group was finished with preparing their chickens, and named them, we stored them in a container.  See the amazing pictures!!!  Tomorrow marks the end of week 1 so we will bring out the chickens to re-season them!!  Today, the aroma wasn't so pleasant.  Definitely time for re-seasoning!!!  Oh, the chicken neck and liver in the canopic jars don't look too appetizing, yet soooo cool!!
To be cont'd...

So much to do, so Little Time

Gosh, seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day!!  Days certainly never drag on!!  But trying to keep that time exciting is often challenging!!  Trying to keep lessons energetic and engaging will surely help the students learn and retain information.  Guess that's why I love reading stories out loud and portraying characters!  I think my students find me a bit crazy sometimes, but I know they remember craziness!!  In Social Studies tomorrow, we will be "re-seasoning" our chicken mummies!!  Yup, last week we mummified chickens!!  What a more hands-on way to study Ancient Egypt than to bring a little of the culture to the classroom!!  Ummm....don't ask about the lovely aroma that loomed about the classroom today!! 

Well, guess I could keep writing, but I really need to think about adding some excitement to my plans for tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Students Have Blogs!!!!

Today was the first step of creating student blogs!!  Ya!!!  So far, everyone has their own blog page.  I'm hoping tomorrow everyone can get sign-ed in and start playing with their page.  CREATIONS!!!  Their first posting is going to be writing how they feel about creating a blog.  Wish them luck!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

School Year Well Underway!

Wow!!  What a way to start a great school year!!  Mrs. Meyers S.E.A. (Students Enjoying Academics) is off to a super first quarter!  Hard to believe report cards are just around the corner.  Seems like we just started school.  My S.E.A. is made up of a plethora of personalities which makes a myriad class!!  Some Dolphins are quiet and shy.  Some Sea Horses are raring to run.  Some sharks live up to their name sake!!  Now that we all know each other and have established routines, we are getting into the nitty gritty of academics.  Reading and language arts centers are in full swing.  Math is becoming a bit easier.  Science projects are beginning.  And Social Studies is heading toward Egypt!!  We've got a Kids College October Contest starting tomorrow and a Reading Counts Challenge winding down!  Some students have become rich with our classroom economy system, while others recently had to take out loans!  Finally, the most enjoyed area of the classroom is "The Beach"!!  Grab a good book, sit with the dolphins and whales, and drift out to sea!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011-2012 Here We Come!!

Hi everyone!!  Welcome to a brand new school year!  I hope you visit my blog often to see the awesome things we are doing in 6th grade!!  So many things are planned and waiting to get started!  Let's go!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Time

School is out!!  But, learning is not over.! Now you have a lot of time to practice skills you learned throughout the school year.  Read! Read! Read!  Write about things you are doing over the summer.  Estimate the grocery bill. Map out your vacation trip.  Visit the links I provided in this blog, as the possibilities are endless!!  Most of all, relax, have fun and stay safe!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

School Is NOT Out Yet!

Yes, I'm sorry to say, that the 2010-2011 school year is not over just because FCAT has been done!!  You still have another month of valuable learning!!  Do not get lazy and blow off class work, homework, or studying.  You have fourth quarter grades to think about that will average in to your entire year.  Keep up the hard work and do your best!!!  Summer vacation is right around the corner so keep one eye on the prize and the other on school work!!!