Monday, November 7, 2011

Ancient Egypt - Our Chicken Mummies - week 1

I kept the mummies a secret!!  Oh, how the kids desperately wanted to know what they were mummifying!  Fish? Chicken? Birds? Hot dogs?  Inquiring minds wanted to know!  Finally, the day arrived.  I first demonstrated how they were to mummify their specimens.  First, I drained all of the "blood" from Cleo, the chicken.  By the way, water paint comes out of the carpet!!  Just saying!!  Then, I washed and dried the chicken.  Next, I filled the cavity of the chicken with salt.  Then, I rubbed the sweet smelling spices all over Cleo.  She was placed in a zip-lock bag and stored in the container.  Finally, it was time for the students to get their hands into the fun!!  Each small group received a chicken, weighed it, and began the mummification process!  Only one student was a big squeamish.  Otherwise, I saw a variety of smiles, squished up noses, and looks of curiosity!!  Once each group was finished with preparing their chickens, and named them, we stored them in a container.  See the amazing pictures!!!  Tomorrow marks the end of week 1 so we will bring out the chickens to re-season them!!  Today, the aroma wasn't so pleasant.  Definitely time for re-seasoning!!!  Oh, the chicken neck and liver in the canopic jars don't look too appetizing, yet soooo cool!!
To be cont'd...

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