Saturday, November 26, 2011

Give me some time, and see what happens?

Wow!!  Over my thanksgiving vacation, I spent so much time surfing the net for web 2.0 ideas to integrate in my classroom!!  Watch out kids!!  I can't wait to show you what I found!! So, here are just a few ideas: (remember I'm just discovering and just learning)

1. - to create fun activities for kids to practice various skills
2. - to create tests/quizzes for students to take on-line, quick, easy, grades for you
3. - similar to testmoz, use this to make tests to print
4. - create flash cards for students to practice. offers activities and quizzes for your words.
5. - read or create books/stories online.  choose photos, characters, style. you can assign specific topics
6. - create slide shows from your photos
7. - put sticky notes on a 'wall'. They can respond to your question/comment.
8. - QR codes - the codes store information such as links, websites, videos, maps, text. unlock the code to read the information.
9. - upload a youtube video, create quizzes/questions to go with video. kids take quizzes online and results can be sent to you via a teacher code
10. - another site to upload a video and post questions for kids to answer.

I have tried to include some of these tools here on my blog.  Look around and hopefully you will find some examples.  Do you have any other cool tools for a 6th grade teacher/classroom?

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