Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where has the Time Gone?

Wow! Hard to believe an entire year has gone by without any new posts!  I feel horrible!!  This might lead one to believe I had a tough year. On the contrary, my school year was great! Wonderful students! In fact, near the end of May, one boy made an announcement, "You know, it's funny that all of the other classes have so much drama about boyfriends, girlfriends, hurting feelings, getting in fights. But our class? We have drama about who took whose pencil!!" And that pretty much summed up the year!!

I will try to upload my End of the Year slideshow for 2012-2013 so you can see various activities and projects we completed. Lots of good stuff!!! 

The 2013-2014 school year is quickly coming upon us! I am probably one of the few that ever say this, but I am soooo ready to go back to work!!!  I have been ready since the last day of school!!  My friends think I am crazy, but I have so many projects going and ideas that I just want to get started! I will have quite a mix of students, as well as an interpreter, a co-teacher, and an inclusion teacher all in one classroom! So, lots in store for me!!!

I may be creating a new blog so that my students can have their own blog stemming from mine. Haven't quite sketched it out in my mind yet!!

Off to a new school year!!  Good luck!!!

Dr. Meyers (Yes, I am now Dr.!! Woo-Hoo)