Sunday, October 9, 2011

School Year Well Underway!

Wow!!  What a way to start a great school year!!  Mrs. Meyers S.E.A. (Students Enjoying Academics) is off to a super first quarter!  Hard to believe report cards are just around the corner.  Seems like we just started school.  My S.E.A. is made up of a plethora of personalities which makes a myriad class!!  Some Dolphins are quiet and shy.  Some Sea Horses are raring to run.  Some sharks live up to their name sake!!  Now that we all know each other and have established routines, we are getting into the nitty gritty of academics.  Reading and language arts centers are in full swing.  Math is becoming a bit easier.  Science projects are beginning.  And Social Studies is heading toward Egypt!!  We've got a Kids College October Contest starting tomorrow and a Reading Counts Challenge winding down!  Some students have become rich with our classroom economy system, while others recently had to take out loans!  Finally, the most enjoyed area of the classroom is "The Beach"!!  Grab a good book, sit with the dolphins and whales, and drift out to sea!!!!!

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