Monday, February 24, 2014

My Products for Sale!!!

Cha Ching!!!! Well, right now, I have more cha than ching, but I am getting there!!! I recently began selling some of the activities I've created to use with my students. Yes, it's time consuming at first, but once items are uploaded, I get to sit back and let the big bucks roll in!! Ok, I will never be able to quit my day job with this venture, but it's still fun to see the dimes and pennies add up!!! I'm trying to add a couple products each weekend so you should check it out. 

I included a link to the left of this post, but you can also catch it HERE  


Wow! Another year has gone by!!


Ok! I have to say that I am waaaaay behind!! No excuses really!! I could offer them, of course, but I'm sure no one wants to read them! 

So, I'm just going to carry on from here!!! 

I guess I have some updating to do and then will come back for a new post!!!!

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Meyers