Friday, April 1, 2011

It is Almost That Time!

It's no joke - FCAT is quickly approaching!  Is it time to panic?  No way!!!  You've been preparing all year!  Heck, did you know you started preparing right after FCAT last year? Yup!!  That is why you should keep working hard until the end of the school year.  You don't want to miss out on any learning!!!

But, let's get back to this year, the next couple of weeks.  I'm sure you are in FCAT mode - practicing how to answer questions, using strategies to eliminate choices, how to use clue words, how to grid in math answers, etc.  Just make sure to get plenty of rest and have a nutritional breakfast.  Your brain will work better when it has the necessary fuel to energize it!!  

Have you ever heard a teacher announce, "Check over your work"?  What does that really mean? Well, it doesn't mean just to check to make sure you answered all of the questions, which is important.  But there is more - you must reread each story or question as if it was the first time you looked at it.  Make sure the answer you chose is the right answer - maybe the first time you answered it, you read something wrong.  Avoid making silly mistakes by reworking a problem.  Reread the story!  Yes, read it again.  As we practice in class, we always read a story at least 2 times so you fully understand it.  Remember to underline clue words and answers.  No time for being lazy!  And, Do your best!!!!

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